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Our electronic cabinet brochures are always available and ready to assist in your project planning. These pieces are the perfect tools to guide you through the selection process for styles, finishes and inspiration. Click on the link to view or download.

Decora2020IntroductionsCoverDecora 2020 Product Introductions (PDF, 12.5 MB) »

Satisfy your craving for color with new finishes from Decora. At once both on-trend and timeless, our new paints and stains are ready to impact your home’s style.


Front cover of Decora Full Line BrochureFull Line Cabinetry Brochure (PDF, 15.9 MB) »

The Decora full line brochure is your one-stop-shop for the complete product offering. Browse through our cabinetry photo galleries and choose door styles, material and finishes /colors to make the project uniquely yours.


Cabinet Door Styles and Finishes/Colors Digital Brochure »

Cabinet Door Styles and Finishes/Colors Brochure (PDF, 16.8 MB) »

A handy, easy-to-follow guide for selection of styles and finishes/colors. Think of it as a quick reference guide and menu for making those all-important decisions.


Bath_BrochureBath Cabinetry Brochure (PDF, 4.4 MB) »

We'll keep you "showered with ideas" amid beautiful products and fresh designs on every page. Our bath cabinetry brochure will help you visualize how different bath products and design themes look within the same architectural space and introduces you to products guaranteed to inspire!

Decora Moulding and Embellishments BrochureMouldings & Embellishments Brochure (PDF, 7 MB) »

Release your inner designer with Decorá's beautiful mouldings and embellishments brochure. Choose from legs, turnings, corbels and decorative mouldings to personalize your space and create the look of fine furniture.

Stanisci_spec_guideStanisci Design — Premium Range Hoods Specification Guide (PDF, 909 KB) »

Decora's comprehensive guide to our complete offering of Stanisci Premium Wood Hoods. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, with an array of embellishments and ventilation options to match, the Decora and Stanisci partnership opens up a world of possibilities.


AFE_spec_guideArt for Everyday — Architectural Woodcarving Specification Guide (PDF, 3.46 MB) »

This complete catalog by Art for Everyday, our proud partner of fine ornamental embellishments, provides the flexibility to compose custom design configurations using the finest select hardwoods that feature passionately detailed craftsmanship.